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High Rank testing - Wednesday, Sept 18th at 5pm

*The adult class and adaptive class are invited to attend the upper belt testing on Wednesday, September 18th. Please wear your gi and support your classmates.

Candidates for rank are: Raul Soto, Josh Tabor, Al Lovely and Kaylie Selleck. Pending doctor permission: Emily Jannenne

The fall schedule begins on the 9th, however we have open enrollment all year on our martial arts programs. 

At the Academy at Rising Sun

It's all about Self!

Self-respect, Self-control, Self-discipline

Do it for yourself and do it for your child! 




This 45 minute class gives the student a strong sense of self - ESTEEM, RESPECT, CONTROL AND DISCIPLINE. Taught in a traditional atmosphere with respect for each students needs. A family dojo, with emphasis on life skills, students learn the basics of Okinawan style karate. One or Two class options available.

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This six week class introduces the young student to the martial arts, improving  basic motor, listening and socialization skills.  This  fun and motivating class includes belt stripe incentives and patches.

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4PM WEDNESDAY, Parents can train at the same time as their children! Warmup together and then parents will be taught in the studio while the kids practice in the dojo!  We come back together at the end!

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About Us

Traditional and Adaptive Students


At the Academy at Rising Sun, the only label you have is "student".  We are the first martial arts school in Vermont with a dedicated adaptive program for students with disabilities. We are a non-profit organization 501(c)3. Our program is Okinawan Karate based a mix of kenpo and Tae Kwon Do. Students earn rank at their own pace with a testing format best suited for their success. We believe that the benefits of martial arts training should be available to all the seek it. We are your local karate school!


Built w

Built for our students with sensory issues, the studio offers students a more quiet environment, less visual distraction and a choice of flooring (tile, rubber matting and carpet).  The studio is used for small karate classes, mat chats, private lessons, stretching class, yoga and meditation.  Our first advanced class in this space claimed it became a "think tank", allowing them to expand their techniques and ideas to flow.

Fall 2019



Kids Karate - Young Warrior Program 

I TUESDAY 5:00-5:45pm 



Mighty Tigers (Age 5-6) 3:45-4:30 Tuesday*

Dynamic Energy  (Age 7-14)  3-3:30 Tuesday*

Kids Advanced 5-5:45 Thursday

Adult Martial Arts Programs

Family Adults - 4-4:45PM Wednesday

Tai Chi Chuan - 7-8pm Monday*

Adult Karate Class 5-6pm Wednesday

Adult/Adaptive Class 6:30-7:30 

*denotes 6 or 8 week progra

Latest Update!


Tai Chi Chuan comes to our Fall Schedule

Sensei Mark Madison has been  training to bring a new program to the Academy. Slow moving, this internal art helps to increase balance, coordination and flexibility! Unifying the breath with movement, many students have found great physical and mental benefit from training in Tai Chi Chuan. This is an introductory 9 week course! No Martial Arts experience necessary!  Begins September 23!

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Cardio Kickboxing with Joanie

Joanie Imperato is back in Pittsford at the Academy to teach her popular cardio kickboxing class. This 9 week course will be held on Wednesday night from 5:30-6:30pm. Bring your mat and hand weights and get in shape before the holidays! Sign up Today!!

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Share the Academy and Earn Tuition Credit

Prospective students MUST bring a referral card from you on the first visit OR fill out a referral card online BEFORE their visit! Earn $20 tuition credit for every Quarterly membership! (Does not include monthly memberships or 6 week courses)

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FALL 2019 Classes

Warrior Program - Kids Karate


Our kids program welcomes the traditional as well as the adaptive student. Our program emphasizes leadership skills, goal setting, body and boundary control,  respect for themselves and others. We also have a strong self-defense program that will help the student feel more confident in their abilities to defuse situations. 

Fall Classes begin September 9th!

Enrollment is limited! Register Here!

Adult Program


The adult program is based on traditional martial arts with adaptations made for students with limitations. We teach Okinawan style of Karate with traditional kata and bunkai. Self-defense techniques encompass styles like Ju jitsu, judo throws and aikido. Beginners are welcome.

Family Class Wed 4-4:45

Traditional Class Wed 5-6pm

Adult Open Dojo Workout 6-6:30pm

Adaptive Class 6:30-7:30

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Dynamic Energy Class BEGINS SEPT 9th


 This 30-45 minute class is designed for the student who needs to move. Perfect for students with ADHD. We keep this class based on traditional karate with a fast, methodical pace steeped in repetition. Some students are assigned martial arts mentors to help keep them motivated and focused. Most students move on to the traditional program when ready.

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Tai Chi Coming in September


Sensei Mark Madison will be bringing the internal art of Tai Chi to Rising Sun. Ideal for beginners, this 9 week course offers this gentle art of continuous movement and breathing that improves balance, agility and flexibility. NO martial arts experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing. Open to all ages.


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A New Approach to Bullying



This 4 hour course will be held IN October (date to be announced)  at 77Furnace Rd, Pittsford, VT.

Open to all 5th and 6th graders, as well as Middle-school  students. (Membership at Rising Sun not mandatory).

This course recognizes that today’s preteens need better skills to overcome the obstacles they face in their daily life.  

Using Martial Arts Principals, we will empower the teen to better deal with cyber bullying, harassment, threats and fear of school shootings.

When we consider the increase in teen anxiety, depression, suicide, drug abuse and in light of the police intervention at Middlebury Middle School to stop a school shooting, the need to armor our children with skills and techniques that can save their physical and emotional life is imperative. Course is limited to 12 students. $25 MEMBERS*/ $35 NON-MEMBERS. (*Members are currently enrolled at classes at Rising) Limited scholarships are available.

For more info:

Cardio Kickboxing


Cardio Kickboxing with Joan Imperato! Joanie is back in Pittsford and brining her fun and active aerobic kickboxing program to the Academy. Wednesday at 5:30, September 25th -November 30th

$90 for 9 weeks! Get in shape before the holidays - join us for a great workout!

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This Fall look for our PNO nights where students get a pizza party, crafts, movie and lots of karate fun! Bring a friend (with their permission slip!) and share a night of fun and laughter!~ 5-9pm

$20 for Academy family 

$25 for non members

Dates to be announced.




Lucas has been an avid summer warrior and has trained regardless of the heat or weather. Working hard to earn his next belt rank, Lucas has  pushed himself out of his comfort zone. A first time summer camper this year, Lucas has exhibited great leadership skills and determination. He is well liked by his peers and respected by the lower rank students.

He tested August 20th and earned his new rank of full Orange! Congratulations Lucas, Student of the Month - August 2019.

Thank You!


Thank you to the following people for your help in getting the dojo clean and ready for the Fall session:

Emily Janenne, Kaylie Selleck, Lori MacCamley Serafin, Matthew Serafin, Rylee Serafin, Conrad Cote, Lindsay Cote and Aden Cote.

Referral Program


Share the fun of martial arts with your friends and family! Drop off a referral card BEFORE your friend does their first workout OR click below and submit an E-referral! If your referral becomes a quarterly member, you will receive a CREDIT on your next tuition payment. *Not applicable to Family Class. 

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Classes are subject to change. FALL schedule begins September 9th.


Tai Chi Chuan with Mark Madison


3:00pm-3:30 Dynamic Energy  (6 Week Course)

3:45pm-4:30 Mighty Tigers (Age 5 & 6)

5:00pm-5:45 Young Warriors I Kids Karate  


12PM-2PM Private lessons

4pm Young Warrior II Kids Karate. 

4pm Family Adults in S

5pm Adult Class 

6pm-6:30 Open Dojo for Adults

6:30pm-7:30pm - Adult/Adaptive


5pm Advanced Warrior Kids

4pm Young Warriors III Kids Karate


Our Staff

Renshi Kathy Maxey-Scarcello


Opening Rising Sun Martial Arts in 2001, Maxey-Scarcello, 4th dan has been a community dojo teaching kids, adults and students with disabilities. Overseeing all curriculum and staff, the school has expanded since becoming a non-profit organization. With roots in the Pittsford community for over 30 years, Maxey-Scarcello lives in Wells, VT with her husband. 

Sensei Mark Madison


2nd Dan, Mark Madison teaches adult and adaptive classes. A web designer, vocalist for the Solaris Choral Group, Madison began his martial arts training in Manchester Vt. Madison and his wife Robyn live in Danby, VT.

Sensei Raul Soto


Sensei Raul Soto brings his strong experience in Shotokan to Rising Sun. We will see much of his influence in the higher rank kata. His desire and love for teaching adaptive martial arts has made him a perfect fit here at the Academy.  A native of Venezuela, Raul resides in Pittsford, VT with his wife and son. 

Support Staff

Emily Jannene


Sempai Emily came to Rising Sun with an advanced level in Kenpo karate. Currently ranked a brown belt, she supports the adult/adaptive class.

Al Lovely


Sempai Al Lovely found Rising Sun through his grandchildren that were training. Another Kenpo practitioner, Al was quick to learn our style and supports the Adult/Adaptive class.

Josh Tabor


Sempai Josh is our highest ranking adaptive student. He is beginning his Instructor training in September 2018 and will be supporting the Tuesday Kids Karate class.

Thank you to our Student Support Staff Fall 2019


Kaylee Selleck

Kaylee can be found in the dojo on any given day, training, doing chores and helping other students. Invited to the advanced class at a beginner rank, she has grown from a shy, meek girl to an outgoing, strong young woman. Kaylee is assigned to the Tuesday Kids class, but I suspect you might see her in other classes as well.


How do I get on the Student Support Team?

Mature students that focus on their training, work hard and show an interest in theory and martial arts history are welcomed into the Leadership Instructors Program. Assisting under an instructor's guidance, the student learns how to guide and motivate the younger student.


Keenan Hogan

Keenan was a great asset in 2017-18 classes. His calm and gentle demeanor made it easy for him to teach technique to younger students. His attention to detail and incredible memory has helped him to move up in rank. Keenan is a Wednesday Kids class assistant.

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 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and enable more students with Autism, ADHD, Physical and Cognitive Disabilities to benefit from martial arts training. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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PHONE: 802-345-2627

Academy at Rising Sun

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